Hi, my name is Nathan. I’m a photographer based out of West Sacramento, CA. My passion for photography really flourished when my daughter Lexi was born. Capturing those innocent, in the moment images became an absolute obsession. She became my muse. I never wanted to miss a single moment. I love to capture pure emotions, feelings, and expressions.

I have a business degree from Sacramento State with a concentration in Management Information Systems.  I'm addicted to coffee and need that to fuel my day.  We have three amazing, beautiful and goofy kids: Lexi, Ethan and Mason. I’ve been able enjoy being a stay at home-working dad because of this amazing opportunity of building my photography business.  It’s the best career change I made and sometimes I cannot believe this is the life I am blessed to live.

I enjoy listening to music on a lazy day and doing activities with my little family. Watching my children grow up and being able to be part of their every milestone is a dream.  Sometimes they drive me crazy, but it truly is worth it.  My wife and I are high school sweethearts.  Crazy, I know!  I couldn’t imagine my world without her.  She helps push me and is my biggest supporter.

As a photographer, my ultimate goal is to create images that are timeless. I’m addicted in capturing those moments that show pure emotions, I am a chaser of it.

Thank you for taking the time to learn a little about me today. Hope I can talk to you soon!


Hello!  I am Nathan's wife, Kristine.  It's been an incredible journey watching my husband make his dreams come true and follow his passion for photography.  
I am a registered nurse and work at a local hospital in Sacramento.  Nursing is my number one passion.  I love caring for people and helping make a difference in many lives. I am blessed to be part of the nursing profession. 

I too am addicted to coffee.  I am also addicted to my husband and children.  We love to spend time outdoors and experience life through fun adventures.  Whether it be a vacation to Hawaii, a hike in Tahoe, a day at the museum, or playing by the beach.  Whenever we have the opportunity to spend that quality time together, we make it happen.  Our kids and my marriage are my livelihood. 

Photography allows me to capture the special moments of your love story.  It allows me to capture the beauty and essence of you, your relationship, and the people who surround you on your special day.  You will catch me in the background taking those beautiful candid shots.  I work the angles my husband does not see.  I give the perspective of a bride and incorporate my thoughts and ideas as the wedding day goes on.  You may catch us on the dance floor at the end of the night!   
Our goal is to capture the best moments and deliver a beautiful, timeless product to you. Thank you for getting to know us.  We hope to hear from you soon!