Rebranded, and it feels so good!

Hello family, friends, and past clients! Well, it has been exactly 1 year since I've started this photography journey, and I want to take a quick moment to give thanks to everyone who have supported me. The amount of love and support given is the fuel that pushes me everyday, so thank you. 

Today, Kristine and I are Thach Photography. Why the change? Well, Kristine has been on this journey with me since day 1. We have ALWAYS been a team, but no one sees her. Now you can see how beautiful my wife is, yes! She is my inspiration, my second pair of eyes, and most importantly my biggest supporter. No longer a single entity, but a husband & wife team that want to tell your story through beautiful photos. 

Please visit our new site, and enjoy! Have a wonderful day,  and thank you again.

Nathan ThachComment