Wedding butterflies

I sit here with butterflies in my stomach as I write my first blog post as a photographer, for my first official wedding of the year. When I take a moment to reflect on how I got here, the first person I think about is my wife Kristine. She is my inspiration and also my biggest fan. The amount of support and guidance you give me on daily basis will forever be cherished, thank you my love. 

I honestly don’t know where this path will take me. Will it be short, or will it be long? I just know this last year of photography has been spiritually inspirational, and I want to continue. Chasing people's emotions to get that epic shot has been mind-numbingly addicting. I know it sounds corny, but that’s one of the many things photography has taught me, and that is when you go outside your comfort zone amazing things can happen.

Colleen and Chris, first and foremost, thank you. Thank you for this opportunity. Thank you for believing in me on one of your most important days. I can’t wait to be a witness on your special day. I wish you love in your marriage, love in the big things and love in the small, and of course love in all life brings. Congratulations!

Nathan ThachComment